What we do

Worldfab combines equipment expertise with active asset management to provide capital solutions for clients that are underserved by conventional capital sources.

Asset-Based Equipment Leasing

Worldfab is an independent lease funding source that differentiates itself by focusing more on asset quality than balance sheet and cash flow metrics.


As a direct lessor that also represents institutional investors, funds, and other conventional and unconventional capital sources, Worldfab can offer solutions for a wider range of business situations. From credit-challenged or emerging growth companies to well-established companies with strong balance sheets, Worldfab is uniquely positioned to add value.

Stronger Credits >>

Worldfab asset expertise and management may effectively enhance lease pricing by monetizing equipment value more efficiently.

Challenged Credits >>

Worldfab may be able to assign higher collateral values to the equipment to better support the client’s credit.

Worldfab’s partners have over 40 years of expertise with more than $15B in transactions funded.

Lease Transactions 

  • Long-lived new and used equipment
  • Higher residuals
  • Size: $1 – 25 million +
  • Both strong and weak credit profiles

Additional Capabilities

  • Capital Raising
  • Monetizing Equipment Value
  • Business Consulting
  • Advisory / Valuation